Things to Love About Amazon (Book Edition)

That’s right! You knew this post was coming! If my love for Amazon wasn’t shining on through in my other posts, well you can bet that it will in this one!

Just to note this is not in any way sponsored, I just really like Amazon and want to express the love…. in a non-creepy kind of way.

adventure time eyes GIF by hoppip
I’m also going to see how many Adventure time gifs I can squish in ’cause hehehehe no one has the power to stop me.

Amazon is primarily where I buy books from, for several reasons that I will list in this here post.

1) There Are Several Books to Choose From.

Like…. imagine a mountain the size of a planet made of books. From research, in 2015 Amazon had for sale 52 million books. That’s a lot of books. That’s …… a heck of a lot of books. And this was 3 years ago. Think of all the new books that have come out since 2015…. so now there is definitely more than 52 million books on there.

adventure time mind blown GIF

There are so many books that we couldn’t possibly read them all. Some one needs to speed up the research that let’s humans live an immortal life. WE CAN’T LET ALL THESE BOOKS GO UNREAD!!!

2) They Sell Several Books That Even Bookstores Don’t Even Have.

Ok, so while your average bookstore does in fact stock books that are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror and Classics. Do they have a huge range of these books?? All the bookstores I’ve been to have had pretty disappointing Young Adult sections (then again I’ve only been in 2 bookstores because there is only one in my area and I don’t travel…. don’t judge, I don’t leave the house much ; _ ; ). But Amazon has aaaaalll the books for all the genres and they aren’t even sorry that there is so much choice.

You find one book that you like and Amazon’s like “OOOOOHHHHH! You like this one! But look at these 30 other books that are like this book, that you are definitely going to buy because you have no self-control and I’m waving them in your face. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!”

adventure time eating GIF
I’ve been tricked this way one to many times and it’s not fair.

3) It’s Genuinely More Affordable.

Although they are cheaper I’m still pretty wary of how much I spend and for what. Like I’m not paying £9 for a 200 page paperback I’m not sure of, when I can pay £10 for 3 paperbacks that I know will be good.

Most paperback are lowered down to about £5-6 when I buy them and to me that’s a pretty good deal. BUT! and I mean but….. I have taken advantage of better deals before on Amazon……

*looks around before leaning closer* *whispers* I bought Caraval in Hardcover for £5.

I know. I know. It was one heck of a steal. I was really excited about it. I haven’t even finished reading it…. YET! I’ll get to it I swear.

Some books are at there Original Price (£7.99) but when they get lower to about £5, and they are books that you want to read/ know you will love….. then you just:

throw away make it rain GIF
Me @ Amazon in general tbh

It doesn’t even matter. Books you want. That are cheaper than usual. Better get them all while you can before the price goes back up again. (This is not logical. If you can control your spending, do it. If you can’t I am with you my friend.)

4) The Delivery is Usually Pretty Good.

I feel so sorry for my poor postman, having to lift all the book parcels. The only times I’ve had problems with my parcels was when there was a storm and the courier that was delivering my parcels (not the postman) dropped it in a puddle…. so my books where destroyed. It was heartbreaking really. Their spines were basically in pieces, some of the pages were ripped and soggy, and dirt had gotten inside the box so they were destroyed +10. Amazon of course refunded everything and then I just bought them again and everything was fine. But I do think about those poor destroyed books every now and then….

The delivery is pretty fast though. Like 3 business days isn’t that long. But if you have Amazon Prime…. then you get free one day delivery….. it comes the next day…. I’ve done it before…. ’cause I’m an adult……

independent adventure time GIF

5) The Pre-Order System is a Godsend.

The book comes to you on release day. You get the shiny new book on release day and you don’t even need to leave your HOUSE!!!!!!

Also, I am a big fan of their pre-order price thingy. Where in between when you place your order and when the item is dispatched, you will be charged the lowest price. *deep inhale* do you know how many books I have gotten on release day and only payed about £4 when I had placed my order for the book at £7.99?????


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Where do you guys usually buy your books?? Do you use Amazon frequently too?? Do you have a love or hate relationship with Amazon??

Have a wonderful day guys! :3

17 thoughts on “Things to Love About Amazon (Book Edition)

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    1. They are so much cheaper it might be criminal. But, literally, you could buy like 5 books on Amazon for the price of one hardcover in a bookstore. *brain explosions* It’s amazing. PRE-ORDERS!!!!! I don’t know who’s genius idea it was, but we should buy them a lot of cake….

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I adore Amazon!!!! I mean… I’ll adore any where that gives me books buuuut Amazon gives me books that I reaaaaaally want for much cheaper. My dream of building my own library is within my grasp now. Thus they have my undying love ❤ Thank You 😀


  2. I knew clicking on this post would be dangerous, lol! Like it was basically an invitation for me to want to buy books. I guess the good thing is, I don’t know the conversion of £ to $. Two day delivery is sooo tempting, though! And you’re right about bookstores not having the best YA sections. No need to leave the house, I can confirm. Even when I get into the city, I can’t always find the book I’m looking for.

    But thanks for making me want to buy more books as always haha. Luckily, my summer job FINALLY starts today, so I’ll be making a paycheck in no time. (Which will go all towards books, because what is student debt?? Jk, I’m very familiar with the concept)

    P.S. FINISH CARAVAL!! Sooo good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anything to do with Amazon is extremely dangerous! Everytime the word “Amazon” is muttered, somewhere sirens are going off as our bank accounts mysteriously empty.

      The selection of books on Amazon is literally mad. There are so many! I’ve never gotten all the way through the stock… but I know there is some gold in there….. I will dig! and I will find it! IT SHALL BE MINE!!!!

      *sketches a bow* You are always welcome :3 Heck, I really need to get a job. I need money for necessities…… like books. Student Debt???? Never heard of it. *monster looming over my shoulders laughs*

      I SHALL GET RIGHT TO IT I SWEAR! I keep starting and stopping when I read. ACOTAR really did a number on me. It’s taking me a while to jump back into fantasy books ; _ ;

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s too relatable *sobs*
          I will rush over to you and maybe scream if it’s as good as I think it’s going to be. Which I think it is. 😀
          MAAS-DESTRUCTION!!!!! GOGOGOGOGGOGO! Let me know what you think of which ever book you pick up first! 😀

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Ah Yes! ACOTAR is as wonderful a place to start as any :3 I know what you mean… The first book is kinda like the first stepping stone. the world becomes much, much, much bigger in the next few books. The first book in the ToG series is by no means my favourite, but I liked it. If you do decide to try the ToG series, hold out ’till Heir of Fire (book 3)….. that’s when things really start to explode XD After that there is just tears and pain…… but we’ll live 😀

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  3. I love! It’s pretty much a permanent tab open on my browser (although I also use it to get pictures of books and put up referral links for my blog).

    I love it when I get the book the day BEFORE release day! That happens on occasion, and I just love it! I got Smoke in the Sun a day early. I think I would do a happy dance if Amazon would get me Wildcard on Monday the 17th of September instead of making me wait until Tuesday, LOL.

    They sometimes have really good sales on their ebooks… and if you absolutely have to have a book NOW, you can just order the ebook and read it within seconds. I generally like to order my foreign language books in ebook format so I can highlight all the words I don’t know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amazon is in my bookmarks bar, it never leaves. I think I go on Amazon almost once a day XD
      *gasp* I’ve never had a book the day BEFORE release date?!?!! ; _ ; Maybe one day they will and I’ll probably scream a little. I send all my wishes that you get Wildcard early!!!
      I actually haven’t read any ebooks (mainly because I don’t have a device that it would work on) but I do always get the emails with the ebook sales and it makes me wish I did. Maybe one day I’ll buy an eReader or something, because booook saaaaaaale!!!!!


  4. I’m not from the US so I don’t really order from Amazon, but I’ve been tempted to so many times! Some of the discounts/deals are just INSANE, but shipping will cost me a fortune. xD So awesome to hear about awesome delivery though–book parcels are precious. ♥ New follower!

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They cut the prices of new releases so much! Makes me wanna cry with joy *wipes tear*
      Book Parcels are the most precious of all parcels.
      Thank You and welcome ma friend ❤ :3


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