My name is Lin and it seems you’ve stumbled upon my little blog! The warmest of welcomes to you!

The Reader of a Thousand Stars was born (or burst from the flames…. same thing right?) from a love of books, screaming about books (although enthusiastically quiet, because loud noises are scary), and….. more books?? I love books like a dragon loves its hoard of gold. So much love.

Here’s a few facts about me!

  • I am currently 20 years old, and I’m based in the UK.
  • I love Pizza more than I love any other food (I do love a lot of different food too though). Pizza, to me, is literally one of the very few good and pure things in this world and I am forever thankful for its existence.
  • I literally hoard books like a dragon. Especially fantasy books… because they’re the most likely to have dragons in them…
  • When I’m not writing on this blog or reading, I will be writing outlines for all the books I’m never going to find the time to write because, “This new idea could be amazing!! I better plot the whole thing now and ignore my current WIP as much as possible, before the idea fades!!”….. I’m sure you can see how this is a problem.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this little corner of the internet and Happy Reading!!

good bye GIF by O&O, Inc
I’m Currently re-watching the Lord of the Rings for what must be the 20th time now, and I felt like this gif was appropriate 😀